Big Snowy Mountains Wildlife Management Area

Big Snowy Mountains
Open 12:00 pm on May 15 through 11:59 pm on December 1. LOCATION Map specifies roads open to motorized use and parking areas. Bear presence: Stay alert and adhere to food storage requirements. Pack bear spray as black bears and potentially grizzly bears are found on this WMA. All stock feed must be certified weed free.
  1. Big Snowy Mountains Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is in Golden Valley County approximately 20 miles North of Ryegate, Montana, along the southeastern edge of the Big Snowy Mountains. In 2022, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission purchased this Wildlife Management Area using primarily hunting license dollars and federal Wildlife Restoration Act funds. FWP manages the grassland winter range and forested habitats to benefit a diversity of wildlife species and provide compatible public access for wildlife related recreation for future generations. The WMA opens noon on May 15. SEE LOCATION MAP. Walk-in access is provided from established roads and parking areas. The WMA provides public opportunity for outdoor recreation such as hunting, hiking, wildlife viewing and bird watching. The Big Snowy Mountains WMA is comprised of native mountain/foothill and prairie grassland habitats at the base of the Big Snowy Mountains. Perennial flowing water is limited on the property. Facilities & Fees:
    • Primitive camping
    Camping limited to 16 days in a 30-day period Fully extinguish all campfires Store all food and attractants in vehicle or in certified bear-resistant containers. Pack In/Pack Out All stock feed must be certified weed free Fireworks prohibited Limit vehicles to authorized roadways and parking areas as shown on map.
    Use of this area is limited to hiking, non-motorized bicycles, and riding/pack stock.
  1. Advisory Removal of topsoil, gravel, minerals, cultural or archeological artifacts, and fossils is prohibited. The use of aerial, terrestrial, or aquatic remotely controlled vehicles is prohibited on all Wildlife Management Areas unless for educational or other public benefit. Such exceptions require authorization by the Regional Wildlife Manager. To provide undisturbed winter range for big game, this WMA is closed to all public use from 11:59PM on Dec. 1 to noon on May 15. Permits Required All commercial use or group activities require a permit.
  2. Seasonal Restriction To provide undisturbed winter range for big game, this WMA is closed to all public use from 11:59 PM on December 1 to noon on May 15.
  3. Stay Limit Maximum stay of 16 days
Region 5
Latitude/Longitude: 46.6085 -109.2543
Size:  acres
Elevation: 5,600 ft
Open: May 15 to Dec 1
From Ryegate: North on HWY238 (Rothiemay Rd) 22.5 miles. Turn east on HWY238 (Red Hill Rd). From Judith Gap: East on HWY297 17.5 miles. Turn east on Judith Gap Road for 10 miles until it turns into HWY 238 aka Red Hill Rd. South Parking Area adjacent to HWY238 approx 1 mile east of the intersection of HWY238 & Judith Gap Rd. North Parking Area is 1 mile east on Hwy238 then turn north onto Metzger Rd. The North Parking Area is approx 2 miles north of the intersection of HWY238 & Metzger Rd.

 Location Map

Title Description Fee
Conservation License - MT Resident $8.00
Conservation License - MT Resident Senior 62+ $4.00
Conservation License - MT Resident Youth 12-17 $4.00
Conservation License - Nonresident $10.00
Pack in/Pack out
Primitive Campsite
Wildlife Viewing
Black Bear
Mule Deer
White-tailed Deer
Wild Turkey
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