Fleecer Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Fleecer Mountain
  1. The open slopes of Fleecer Mountain, near Divide, have long been recognized as important elk winter range. In 1962 the Montana Department of Fish & Game began acquiring available land for wildlife winter range, particularly elk. Through a series of fee title acquisitions and land trades, the department acquired 6,496 acres in four separate units collectively known as the Fleecer Mountain Wildlife Management Area. The “main” Fleecer WMA consists of two parcels (Fleecer and Charcoal Gulch) and is located on the southeast slope of Fleecer Mountain. In 1969, an additional purchase was made and two parcels located north of Fleecer Mountain were added. These parcels are referred to as the High Rye and McGuinness parcels. An additional 200 acres were purchased and added to the main WMA in 2017. The goal for Fleecer Mountain WMA is to provide suitable habitat for the suite of native species that are naturally occurring in the area, given the soil, vegetation, and water capabilities of the area. Management emphasis is on employing sound stewardship practices to maintain a fully functioning landscape that: • supports sustainable populations of game and nongame species consistent with current FWP management plan objectives • minimizes conflict between wildlife and agricultural land uses • maintains public hunting opportunities • maintains wildlife viewing opportunities In the context of good land stewardship, emphasis will be placed on utilizing the management of Fleecer Mountain WMA to positively influence wildlife habitat on adjacent lands through cooperative efforts and coordinated resource management.
Region 3
Latitude/Longitude: 45.7669 -112.7704
Size:  acres
Elevation:  ft
Open: May 15 to Dec 1
There are 4 separate parcels to Fleecer WMA. The main parcel may be accessed from two locations. The East entrance is located off the frontage road 3 miles north of Divide. The South entrance is located off MT Highway 43 1 mile west of Divide. The access for the Charcoal Gulch parcel of the WMA is located off Pumphouse Road 1.5 miles west of Divide. The access to the MCGuinness parcel is located at the end of the Lone Pine Gulch Road, 2 miles from the Silver Bow exit off Interstate 15

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Horseback Riding
Wildlife Viewing
Black Bear
Blue Grouse
Gray Partridge (Hungarian Partridge)
Mountain Lion
Mule Deer
Ruffed Grouse
Spruce Grouse
White-tailed Deer
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