Bear Creek Wildlife Management Area

Bear Creek
This 3,458-acre WMA along the west side of the Madison Mountain Range south of Ennis provides secure winter range mule deer and elk, and habitat for many species of wildlife year round.
  1. Bear Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is in Madison County approximately 12 airline miles south-southeast of Ennis, MT and approximately 5 airline miles east of Cameron, MT. The WMA comprises 3,458 acres of diverse habitats across an elevation gradient, from grasslands and shrub-steppe mountain foothills to coniferous forest and alpine communities. It was purchased in the 1950s with the intent of providing secure elk winter range. The primary goal for Bear Creek WMA is to provide habitat for a variety of wildlife including elk, mule deer, black bears, grizzly bears, mountain grouse, and non-game species along the face of the Madison Range. The secondary goal is to provide public opportunity for outdoor recreation, primarily for public hunting and wildlife-viewing. Bear Creek WMA provides important winter range for up to 1,000 elk and is also critical winter range for about 200-250 mule deer. Although it makes up only ~3% of the total mule deer survey area in the east-side Madison Valley, ~22% of mule deer counted are within or adjacent to Bear Creek WMA.
Region 3
Latitude/Longitude: 45.21117 -111.58667
Size: 3,467.9 acres
Elevation: 6,617 ft
Open: May 15 to Nov 30

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