Springdale Bridge Fishing Access Site

Springdale Bridge

Special Notices & Closures 

  1. Advisory • Springdale was closed due to a wildland fire on March 28th. • The site was reopened April 27. • FWP advises all visitors to stay clear of the large slash pile and avoid walking in the burned area due to stump holes. • FWP plans to burn the slash pile during the winter of 2022 • For public safety, no firewood cutting or scavenging from the slash pile is permitted. • FWP will continue to assess the area for future hazards. • FWP took measures to retain as much wildlife habitat as possible while accounting for visitor safety. • Fire is a natural part of the ecosystem and helps eliminate dangerous fuel build up while promoting healthy regeneration.
  2. 04/27/2021 - 

    Until further notice

  1. Vehicle Length Trailer Length is 25ft.
  2. Weapons Discharge Prohibited Discharge of weapons prohibited year round.
Region 3
Latitude/Longitude: 45.74353 -110.23135
Size: 14.4 acres
Elevation: 4,215 ft
Open: Jan 1 to Dec 31
I-90 Springdale exit to town of Springdale, then 0.5 mile north.

 Location Map

No Site Fees.

Ramp (Gravel)