Sun River Wildlife Management Area

Sun River
The Sun River Wildlife Management Area was established in 1948. The primary purpose of the WMA is to provide winter range habitat for the Sun River elk herd. Up to 95 percent of the Sun River elk herd will be found on the WMA during the winter. The importance of the WMA for elk and other wildlife has demonstrated itself since its conception. The WMA lies on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain Front and has diverse intermountain foothill grassland habitat composed of significant grass range, timber, browse meadows, riparian zones and rocky and barren ground.
  1. Open Noon May 15 - December 1. See Travel Plan Map. Travel Plan specifies access road, specific parking/camping locations and other information. Bear presence (grizzly and black) - stay alert and adhere to food storage requirements.
  1. Management Restriction Commercial use prohibited
Region 4
Latitude/Longitude: 47.58335 -112.64218
Size: 19,744.6 acres
Elevation: 4,962 ft
Open: May 15 to Dec 1
In northern Lewis and Clark County, approximately 9 miles northwest of Augusta. The north edge of the WMA is south of the Sun River as it leaves Sun Canyon. From Augusta, take the Gibson Reservoir/Sun Canyon Road northwest approximately 3.5 miles. Where the road splits, take the left fork to the counties road end at WMA Boundary.

 Location Map

Title Description Fee
Conservation License - MT Resident $8.00
Conservation License - MT Resident Senior 62+ $4.00
Conservation License - MT Resident Youth 12-17 $4.00
Conservation License - Nonresident $10.00
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Primitive Campsite
Toilet (Vault)
Horseback Riding
Wildlife Viewing
Mountain Grouse
Mule Deer
Sharp-tailed Grouse
White-tailed Deer
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