Calf Creek Wildlife Management Area

Calf Creek
Calf Creek WMA is managed primarily to provide winter range habitat for big game, as well as wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities. This WMA is primarily open grass and shrubland interspersed with riparian drainages and bounded by coniferous forest. This WMA is walk-in only and offers a unique early-open opportunity on April 15.
  1. Area is open to non-motorized access from April 15 through November 30. For more information, please contact the Region 2 Headquarter office. Few elk inhabit Calf Creek WMA during summer, but they are often observable nonetheless. The most likely observations are of songbirds and raptors commonly found in upland grasslands and ponderosa pine forests. Hunting at Calf Creek is by foot, horseback, or mountain bike, and the primary quarry is elk. Regulations for Hunting District 261 apply to Calf Creek WMA. The primary management goal of Calf Creek WMA is to provide winter range for elk and compatible recreational opportunities for the public.
Region 2
Latitude/Longitude: 46.2783 -113.97987
Size: 2,416.3 acres
Elevation: 5,074 ft
Open: Apr 15 to Nov 30
In Ravalli County, Calf Creek WMA is located 8 miles east of Hamilton. From Missoula, take US Highway 93 south about 40 miles to the Corvallis turnoff. Turn east onto Route 373 and drive 2 miles to the town of Corvallis. Turn right (south) onto the East Side Highway then east on Hamilton Heights Road. Drive to the end of Hamilton Heights Road to WMA.

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