Bad Rock Canyon Wildlife Management Area

Bad Rock Canyon
The WMA is located at a geographic pinch point where the Flathead River flows through the very narrow Bad Rock Canyon. The property is winter range for elk, moose, and white-tailed deer. Completion of this project would safeguard vital habitat and a travel corridor for bull trout and grizzly bears, Endangered Species Act-listed species found on the property.
  1. Bad Rock Canyon Wildlife Management Area provides seasonal recreation opportunities, including limited hunting for certain game species. Permission is required to hunt and is issued on a limited basis. For more information or to apply, visit or call (406)752-5501. Bad Rock Canyon WMA is open to recreational access from May 15 at noon to the start of the youth hunt in late October. Motorized vehicle use is restricted to designated access routes, public roads, and parking areas. All other motorized vehicle use is prohibited. Non-motorized use is open only to foot, horseback, and non-motorized bicycle from designated parking areas. • Camping, fires, and wood cutting is prohibited. • Commercial outfitting is prohibited.
Region 1
Latitude/Longitude: 48.37819 -114.15814
Size:  acres
Elevation: 3,013 ft
Open: Oct 20 to Oct 19
The WMA is located off U.S. Highway 2 east of Columbia Falls. Designated parking is off River Road or at the BPA powerline corridor.

 Location Map

Title Description Fee
Conservation License - MT Resident $8.00
Conservation License - MT Resident Senior 62+ $4.00
Conservation License - MT Resident Youth 12-17 $4.00
Conservation License - Nonresident $10.00

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  1. Protect big game winter range while offering limited recreational opportunities, including hunting.
  2. Mailing Address:
  4. 59912
  5. Phone:(406)752-5501